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״Using mime and abstract movement, Yosiphon crafts lively images between stretches of dialogue, with the strong cast switching fluidly between different performance techniques, languages, and plot lines.״ -The Stage

"A must-see production that really gets to the heart of what it means to be human with all our flaws, fears and of course the love that we are capable of providing to those who are closest to us..."  ★★★★★ Love London Love Culture

‘Yosiphon has engineered moments of satisfying beauty both visual and emotive.’​​

 ​★★★★​ Live Theatre UK​

"A beautiful tapestry of love stories, which proves that neither time, language nor borders can distract from true passion, and the passion of the cast is in overflowing abundance for this timeless piece of theatre..." 

★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

"Although it has already been well directed, well written and superbly performed –I have no doubt-there are layers that will still be developed to make Lilac Yosiphon’s first full length play in English-a timeless classic." ★★★★★ RemoteGoat

"Yosiphon marked the significance of the times we live in by calling upon us all to build bridges – her sentiments about working together marked a hopeful end to an unsettling day.״ ★★★★ Mind The Blog

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